(Español) Usted ha invertido alguna vez algunos euros en acudir a ferias internacionales, incluso algunos miles de euros si estos eventos están en Asia. Viajo volando a lo largo de miles kilómetros para explorar el mercado del vino de China. Ahora de regreso, toca hacer repaso de los resultados. Usted ha terminado su tarea de presentar sus vinos y ha recogido un buen número de tarjetas y direcciones apuntadas en distintos lugares, y ahora, ¿qué es lo siguiente? ¿Cómo hacer un seguimiento? Igual ha comprometido algunas muestras y hay que enviarlas.

I come from a trade show in China

Alamesa, program all kinds of experiences for the enjoyment of new consumers to became the leader of fashion and trend flows for the wine. The most important thing is to be in the top mind of the consumer VINOQUEDADAS is a clear example of how to be close to thousands […]

Trends leader

NOW YOU CAN HIRE OUR SERVICE OR TIMELY QUARTERSInvestment in developing countries was a great success. In 2007 he was when we started this campaign, we need to conquer PACIENCIENCIA and INVESTMENT those markets. Our Plan Asia has managed to present in Asian markets over 35 wineries. Our network has […]


We met nine years since we started our business dede representation of Spanish brands in Asia We are currently working on the following markets: Plan ASIA: Corea del Sur Singapur Hong Kong China: Beijing Shanghai Guangdong (Guangzhou, Zongshan, Shenzhen) Fujian (Fuzhou y Xiamen) Zhejinag (Hangzhou y Ningbo) Sichuan (Chengdu y […]

9 years of success in Asia

Have you thought about the notoriety of your knowledge or your WINE CELLAR? You think you know enough not to worry but to make you see?. Communication with our services, we are able to make visible on the Internet ...